American Hospital of Paris aerial view

American Hospital of Paris Aerial View

An aerial view of the American Hospital of Paris, where Florent Schmitt died passed away on August 17, 1958. The hospital was founded in 1906, and during World War I the French govenment deecreed an “institution of public benefit.” To this day, the American Hospital of Paris has received no government subsidies from either France or the United States, instead operating solely on donations from international private the corporate donors. Over the years a veritable “who’s who” of celebrities have been treated at the hospital, including Rock Hudson with experminental drug treatments for AIDS. In addition to Florent Schmitt, other prominent patients who died at the American Hospital include Gertrude Stein (1946), Aristotle Onassis (1975), Francois Truffaut (1984), Bette Davis (1989), Pamela Harriman (1997), Karl Lagerfeld (2019), and Pierre Cardin (2020).

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